Happy birthday Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

Hello ETPlayers!

You probably know that today is a very special day – ET is celebrating its 11th birthday! Happy birthday Enemy Territory!
On this occasion we would like to give you a status update of the ETLive project and our progress towards the beta release. There have been some pretty big architectural changes. Server side scripts had to be rewritten from scratch which was a tedious job but is now near completion. The browser plugin is almost ready aswell, we are investigating some alternatives for the future (after Chrome and Mozilla drop their native plugin support).
We are working as hard as we can to ensure your ETLive experience is as awesome as possible! However please do keep in mind that ETLive is a project developed in the team’s spare time.

Have fun and stay tuned for the next post from Tim explaining his work and how it is connected with his Bachelor Thesis.

ETLive team

Meet our new team! (5)

 Meet Marcus;

Marcus “msh100″ Hughes has been around for quite a while, and even though he isn’t developing ETLive, he is a vital part of the development process.
If you are going to create a community website, you will need a server. Marcus here has not only been so kind to provide us with a server we can screw with, but has also provided us with his eternal knowledge about servers and hosting. You will likely know him as one of the Crossfire or GamesTV admins and the brain behind YCN-Hosting.



Meet our new team! (4/4)

Meet Joshuah;

Joshuah “Ethr” England is a multitalented developer from the United Kingdom. Josh knows his way around C, C++, as well as frontend diciplines.
His current task consists of figuring out a new way of authenticating a player to the server, which is important for banning cheaters(for example).

“I would like to make myself available to the ETLive team for the front-end and web-design roles, with consideration for the C/C++ roles… … My final qualification is that I was active ET player for many years, attending the CIC7 LAN with my clan ‘Normality’. I’m looking forward to seeing ET-Live take shape! ” – Joshuah

Meet our new team! (3/4)

Meet Lukaz;

Lukasz “Asimov” Nocun is an experienced C/C++ developer from Poland. He know his way around the idtech3, which is going to be useful for engine modifications and the communication between the community and game.
Luckasz is currently responsible for plugin Integration and game improvements.

“I have some general thoughts on how this project could go on. On the development side: I’d be happy to help with integration with etlegacy, etpro (which is a must imo) and maybe some authentication protocols. I have been playing with id3tech some time ago.” – Asimov


Meet our new team! (2/4)

Meet Piotr;

Piotr “awesomepeter” Palek is a dedicated frontend developer from Poland. Like Tim, Piotr is responsible for getting the frontend to work. He was very eager about restructuring the frontend and thinking about improving the performance of the system and speed of development.

“I am working over a year at a small webdev company, done php backend programming, various php frameworks (magento, yii, symfony, zend) and also over 6 months of JS coding at a fairly large app for a company written in ExtJS. Lately I try learn Ruby + Coffescript + BackboneJS and probably any “new hot things” I come across. I’m hoping we manage to revive Enemy Territory again, since it is a game i enjoyed playing very much. I also met many awesome people thanks to ET, this does of course include the whole ETLive team :-)

Since this post was written i did manage to mostly restructure the frontend to be more modular. The next thing to do is actually work on features and implement them, so let’s hope we manage to get it done in a reasonable timeframe.”

- Piotr

Meet our new team! (1/4)

Meet our new team!
It has been a while since we’ve set up a recruitment form on the website. We are very happy to announce that we’ve found some skilled and enthusiastic developers. We have selected four developers (Piotr, Tim, Łukasz, Josh), each with a different skillset. We will introduce these developers over the next couple of weeks, starting with Tim.

Meet Tim;
Tim “GiesDenBerg” Giesenberg is a student from Duisberg, Germany (re)spawned 28 years ago. Together with Piotr, he is responsible in getting the frontend of ETLive to work. (The frontend is basically the website you guys see which talks to a backend which contains the database).
Currently Tim is a bit busy with his studies, but when he’s got more time on his hands his (first) task will be to refactor(improve) the chat system on the frontend.

“I am very interested in seeing ET Pro coming back on track with features that make it easy to access. I played this game a lot, shouted in agony or pleasure while playing with friends, made a lot good memories with this game. Of Course i thought about supporting you developing a new possibility to play this game and how i can help here.”  – Tim

Stay tuned for our next introduction: Piotr.